NEOEA-Retired Organizing Committee


The NEOEA-Retired Organizing Committee promotes the welfare of retired members of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association (NEOEA) by identifying particular concerns of retired members as topics for training workshops and social opportunities, by serving as a link between northeastern Ohio retired members and those in other districts, and by fostering communication within OEA-Retired.

Our goal is to provide you a resource to locate people and resources to assist you and keep you informed.  Please consider volunteering to serve on one of our Sub-Committees.  NEOEA-OEA-Retired members may use the Contact Us page to update their contact information or request log-in registration credentials for the NEOEA-Retired Member Only Page.  We need your input to help the website evolve to better assist you.   Submit your comments, questions, or contact updates on our Contact Us page.

NEOEA-R 2019 Spring Conference

UPDATE! – CANCELLED due to the current health crisis.

The popular NEOEA Retired Spring Conference will be held on April 16, 2020, at the NEOEA Conference Center from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Gather some friends and join us!

Download a 2020 NEOEA-Retired Spring Conference flyer/registration form or look for your registration form in the March newsletter.  Cost is only $20; free parking.


  • 9:00 – 9:15 Registration/Continental Breakfast
  • 9:15 – 9:30 Introduction/Welcome
  • 9:30 – 10:20 NEA Member Benefits/Travel by Guy Kendall-Freas: Are you planning to travel? Take advantage of your NEA Member Benefits before finalizing details. Also hear the latest discounts and offers.
  • 10:25 – 11:15 STRS by Tamla Cole: Updates, changes, and trends. SERS updates available also.
  • 11:20 – 12:10 Author Talk: Three local authors will discuss their genre, writing processes, and their latest works. Opportunities for Q&A and to purchase their books. See back for author details.
  • 12:15 – 1:00 Lunch. Ice Cream Social provided by NEA Member Benefits.

Space is limited; registration closes April 10 or until we reach capacity. Send this registration form 2020 NEOEA-Retired Spring Conference along with your check for $20 (made payable to NEOEA) to NEOEA, 6001 Landerhaven Drive, Suite D, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124-4190.

OEA-Retired Advisory Council and NEA-Retired Delegate Elections

The OEA-Retired election for Spring 2020 is being conducted by Election America.  Online voting opens on March 1, 2020, and closes on March 30, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. (eastern).

Election notices will be mailed (and emailed, if on file) to OEA-Retired members with an individual Election Code and Voting PIN (you will need these to vote).  For technical assistance with the voting process or to request a paper ballot, please contact Election-America at or call (877) 466-7875.  The deadline to request a paper ballot is March 13, 2020.  For questions regarding your membership or election guidelines, please contact William Baird at

The Ohio NEA-R delegation consists of nine delegate seats, the Chair, Mary Benegar, is a delegate by virtue of office.  There are 23 candidates running for the remaining 8 seats.  Ten candidates are from NEOEA; one from Capital; two from Central; two from ECOEA; one from EOEA; one from NCOEA; two from SWOEA; and four from WOEA.

The candidates for NEA-R Delegate from NEOEA are:  Barbara Catalano;  William A Dorsey;  Marti Franks;  Peg Ham;  Lynnette R Harris;  Joyce M Hives;  Steven Mitchell;  Donna Smoot Walters;  Jene Wilson;  and  Beverly A Woolridge.

Two candidates are running for the OEA-R At-Large Representative position on the OEA-R Advisory Council with a term beginning September 1, 2020 and ending July 14, 2023:  Beverly A Woolridge, NEOEA;  and  Jane Rahn, WOEA.

Download the candidate biographical information:  NEA-R 2020

It is not necessary to conduct an election for the following OEA-Retired Advisory Council Positions as they were unopposed and elected by acclamation:

  • Vice-Chair — Phil Long (WOEA) (Term Ending July 14, 2021)
  • Central — Barry Alcock (Term Ending July 14, 2023)
  • East Central — Anne Bowles (Term Ending July 14, 2023)
  • Western — Sandra Coe (Term Ending July 14, 2022)

Click Here to Vote!


OEA-R Delegate Election Results

OEA-R Delegate election results are in!  See the OEA-R Delegates from NEOEA-R on our Delegates page.

OEA-Retired Election Results – 2019-2020 OEA Representative Assemblies Delegates

The Ohio Education Association’s Division of Retired (OEA-Retired) is allocated a total of 45 delegates to the 2019-2020 OEA Representative Assemblies.  The OEA-Retired Guidelines state that the following members of the OEA-Retired Advisory Council shall serve as automatic delegates by virtue of office:

OEA-Retired Advisory Council:

  • Chair, Mary Binegar
  • Vice Chair, VACANCY
  • Secretary, Peg Ham
  • Past President/Chair, Bill Sears
  • Capital Representative, Jeff Corbin
  • CENTRAL, Barry Alcock
  • ECOEA Representative, Anne Bowles
  • EOEA, Representative, Rita Walters
  • NCOEA, Representative, Judy Novak
  • NEOEA Representative, Donna Smoot-Walters
  • NWOEA Representative, Sue Cramer
  • SEOEA Representative, Jane Miller
  • SWOEA Representative, Judy Buschle
  • WOEA Representative, Phil Long
  • At-Large Representative, Jane Rahn
  • ESP Representative, Barbara Catalano
  • Higher Education Representative, VACANCY
  • OEA Board of Directors Representative, Carol Kinsey

Ballots to elect an additional 28 delegates were conducted by Election America.  There were a total of 836 votes casted – (62 paper ballots received).  District votes are as follows:

  • CENTRAL OEA-NEA INC                     85
  • WESTERN OEA (WOEA)                     81
  • EAST CENTRAL OEA (ECOEA)          62
  • CAPITAL                                              43
  • EASTERN OEA (EOEA)                     29
  • UNASSIGNED DISTRICT                    1

OEA-Retired Delegates:

  • William A. Dorsey 535
  • Kathleen Purdy 395
  • Becky Mayer 388
  • Donald L. Traxler 379
  • Homer O. Adams 372 (deceased)
  • Nanci J. DiBianca 370
  • Judy Buschle 363 (to Advisory Council)
  • Deloris Rome Hudson 361
  • Marti Franks 349
  • Marsh Buckley 347
  • Christina Wall Swank 346
  • Willie A. Terrell Jr. 345
  • Gretchen Y. Washington 345
  • Nancy Wonson 336
  • Sandy Coe 332
  • Bill Lavezzi 326
  • Gary Hollow 308
  • Lynette R. Harris 302
  • Hank Haynes 298
  • Joyce M. Hives 294
  • Norm Hillstrom 276
  • Wil Vickery 276
  • Lynn Aring 275
  • Steven Mitchell 273
  • Jim Berta 270
  • Sam Radel 258
  • Marjorie Punter 257
  • Lori Moodie 253
  • Clarice Thomas 253

OEA-R Retired Alternates:

  • Chuck Steinbower 245
  • John Veverka 230
  • Bob Gibson 226
  • Diallas York 219
  • S. Jefferson Slattery 173


NEOEA Candidates for OEA-R Delegate

OEA-R Delegate Voting Procedures – Vote online during October!

OEA-R members should look for an email and/or a postcard “Vote now in the OEA 2019 Elections” from “Ohio Education Association <>”. Everyone will get a postcard or an email with an explanation and instructions for requesting a paper ballot by October 15. The email and the postcard provide an “Election Code” and a “Voting PIN” along with a link to the voting page.  Please vote online no later than Friday, October 31, 2019. For more information, candidate biographies, and to vote online; go go to  You can also download the candidate biographies here: 09.24.2019_Retired-Delegate-Bios-rev-9-24-19.

OEA-R members will elect 27 Delegates to the OEA Representative Assembly from a field of 34 candidates. The 18 OEA-Retired Advisory Council members are automatic delegates by virtue of office, for a delegation of 45 delegates and 7 alternates by order of votes.

Please support the 16 candidates from NEOEA.  Here are the candidates from NEOEA and the order that they will appear on the OEA Retired Delegate ballot.  Download the 09.24.2019_Retired-Delegate-Bios-rev-9-24-19.

  • William A. Dorsey,
  • Nancy Wonson,
  • Hank Haynes,
  • Nanci J. DiBianca,
  • Lynnette R. Harris,
  • Bill Lavezzi,
  • Steven Mitchell,
  • Marsh Buckley,
  • Joyce M. Hives,
  • Norm Hillstrom,
  • Diallas York,
  • Marti Franks,
  • John Veverka,
  • Homer Adams,
  • Gary Hollow,
  • Lynn Aring.

OEA-R Statewide Fall 2019 Conference

OEA-R Statewide Fall Conference
September 11, 2019
OEA Headquarters
225 E. Broad Street
Columbus. OH 43215

  • Registration                                                   9:30 – 10:00 am
  • Introductions/ Welcome                               10:00 – 10:10 am
  • OEA Officers, STRS, and SERS Reports    10:10 – 10:30 am
  • Session 1                                                     10:45 – 11:45 am
  • Lunch                                                           11:45 – 12:45 pm
  • Session 2                                                     12:45 –   1:45 pm
  • Wrap Up                                                         1:45 –   2:30 pm
  • (Volunteer Opportunities, Drawing and Evaluation)

Note: FREE parking is provided at the STRS building. Choose two topics from the list below:

  1. Technology:   Using the internet safely and effectively without risking identity theft.
  2. Technology:   Using social media safely and efficiently with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  3. Travel:   Using NEA member benefits to travel more affordably and how can I access these benefits.
  4. Education:   Social Emotional Academic Development (SEAD). What are these new education buzz words, and how can I support our active colleagues to incorporate the new standards into their already overextended school day.

Complete and return the registration with your $20.00 registration fee by September 1, 2019 to be eligible for door prizes. Lunch is included in the fee. You will be notified by email once your payment is received. Download Registration form at .

Ohio NEA-R Delegate and OEA-R Advisory Election Results

The Ohio NEA-R delegation consists of nine delegate seats; the Chair is a delegate by virtue of office. There were 27 candidates running for the remaining 8 seats: nine candidates are from NEOEA; five from NCOEA; three from Central; three from WOEA; two from ECOEA; two from SWOEA; one from Capital; one from EOEA; and one from NWOEA. There were a total of 901 votes cast. There were 100 paper ballot request – only 2 were returned.

By Virtue of Office, Sears, Bill (SWOEA); Dorsey, William (NEOEA); Adams, Homer O. (NEOEA); Traxler, Donald (NWOEA); Long, Phil (WOEA); Binegar, Mary (CENTRAL); Kinsey, Carol (ECOEA); Terrell, Willie (WOEA); Franks, Marti (NEOEA); .

Hudson, Deloris Rome (SWOEA); Ham, Peg (NEOEA); Walters, Donna Smoot (NEOEA); Catalano, Barbara (NEOEA); Buschle, Judith (SWOEA); Mitchell, Steven (NEOEA); Purdy, Kathleen (ECOEA); Corbin, Jeff (CAPITAL); Alcock, Barry (CENTRAL); Rahn, Jane (WOEA); Hives, Joyce (NEOEA); Vickery, Wil (CENTRAL); Mayer, Becky (NCOEA); Swank, O. Christina Wall (NCOEA); Hoyes, John (EOEA); Novak, Judy Richey (NCOEA); Adams, Tina (NCOEA); and Skocic, R. Joyce (NCOEA).

OEA-R Advisory Council NEOEA Representative
(Term: September 1, 2018 – July 14, 2021):

  • Donna Smoot Walters – 136 –  elected
  • Marsh Buckley –             109
  • Diallas York –                    41


OEA-Retired Spring Conference 2019

Mark your calendars for the OEA-R Spring Conference on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at the STRS Building for a morning session and the Franklin Park Conservatory in the afternoon.  Check for more details.

Morning speakers include STRS Deputy Executive Director Gary Russell, who will review the status of STRS, and Ohio Teacher of the year Jonathon Juravich.  Other topics include the Inter-Generational Mentoring Grant, New Educator Campaign, and Lobby Days.

We will spend the afternoon at the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory located at 1777 E. Broad Street.  We will have a docent led tour of the building and grounds.  Parking is free at the STRS building.

  • Registration: 9:30 A.M.
  • Program: 10:00 A.M.
  • Lunch: 12:00 P.M.
  • Franklin Park Conservatory: 1:00 P.M.
  • Conclusion: 3:00 P.M.

Complete and return the registration form with your $25.00 registration fee by March 27, 2019.  Lunch is included in the fee.  You will be notified by email once your payment is received.  Download a registration form at:

OEA Standing Committee Vacancies

OEA Retired appoints retired members to serve on the OEA Standing Committees.

Two vacancies now exist.  Names of persons interested in being considered for appointment to the position of OEA-R Representative to the following committees are now being accepted.:

  • Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy Committee. This a three (3) year term which begins September 1, 2018 through July 14, 2021.
    • The Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the OEA Board of Directors and other appropriate entities, the creation of OEA strategies that ensure the planning, implementation and assessment of a collective bargaining, contract enforcement and member protection and advocacy program that meets the needs of local affiliates.
  • Organizing Strategy Committee.  This a three (3) year term which begins September 1, 2018 through July 14, 2021.
    • The Organizing Strategy Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the OEA Board of Directors and other appropriate entities, the creation of OEA strategies that ensure the planning, implementation and regular assessment of an internal and external organizing program that meets the needs of local affiliates and supports their development.

Please submit your name to the OEA-R Chair John Hoyes with a copy to the Vice Chair Bill Sears at no later than midnight Friday, May 4, 2018 indicating you wish to be considered for the appointment to this position.  Please include a brief statement listing your qualifications and reason for wanting to serve OEA-R in this position.  Final approval of a recommendation from OEA-R must be approved by the OEA Board of Directors.

Committee members are expected to attend all meetings, stay until the end, and fully participate.  The duties of OEA-R Representatives to OEA Committees are:

  1. Serve as the OEA-R Representative to the OEA Committee;
  2. Attend all meetings of the OEA committee and shall represent the interests of the OEA-R; and,
  3. Submit written reports to the Advisory Council Secretary in a timely manner.

This committees meets two (2) times per fiscal year.

Ohio Issue 2 – OEA Report

The Ohio Issue 2 – Drug Price Relief Act (2017) has been gaining a lot of attention.

OEA has not taken a position on this initiative; however, OEA Governmental Services has prepared a report to educate members on the issues involved.

Download the Ohio Issue 2 – OEA Report.

At the OEA Retired Fall Conference on September 14, 2017, STRS representatives reported that they, too, were studying the affects of the initiative on STRS Health Care programs.  Expect a decision from STRS soon.