NEOEA-Retired Organizing Committee


The NEOEA-Retired Organizing Committee promotes the welfare of retired members of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association (NEOEA) by identifying particular concerns of retired members as topics for training workshops and social opportunities, by serving as a link between northeastern Ohio retired members and those in other districts, and by fostering communication within OEA-Retired.

Our goal is to provide you a resource to locate people and resources to assist you and keep you informed.  Please consider volunteering to serve on one of our Sub-Committees.  NEOEA-OEA-Retired members may use the Contact Us page to update their contact information or request log-in registration credentials for the NEOEA-Retired Member Only Page.  We need your input to help the website evolve to better assist you.   Submit your comments, questions, or contact updates on our Contact Us page.

SERS Board Report – June 2016

SERS Exec. Director, Lisa Morris, is scheduled to speak at the OEA-RA in May.

The SERS has a good website,
On the left side of the home page select “Board of Trustees”. This will take you to “Board Meeting Dates, Agendas, Highlights”.

Adele Matias, OEA-R ESP Representative,

Here are the latest SERS Reports:

An archive of Adele’s reports ins on our SERS Reports page.

NEOEA Retired on Facebook

We have established a group Facebook page.  If you are a Facebook member, just search NEOEA RETIRED and request to join.  Here is the link: 

We have lots of pictures from events in which we participated, as well as special notes, reminders, upcoming events.  We are up to 42 members.  Let’s see if we can get to 50!

Thank you to Nancy Wonson, NEOEA Retired Organizing Committee Chairperson, who set up and manages the page.

NEOEA-R 2016 Spring Conference

Registration deadline extended to April 20th!.

Frances Strickland will be our special guest.

NEOEA-R will hold its seventh Spring Retired Conference at the NEOEA Conference Center on April 27, 2016 at the NEOEA Conference Center in Garfield Heights, just off I-480.  All NEOEA-R and ORTA members in northeastern Ohio are invited.

Download a 2016 NEOEA-Retired Spring Conference flyer/registration form.

Participants can choose two Breakout Session Topics:

  • Legislative Update—Scott DiMauro, OEA Vice-President
  • STRS/SERS Pension & Healthcare Update—Tamala Cole, STRS & Matt Slain, financial advisor
  • What I Want My Loved Ones to Know —Guy Kendall-Freas, NEA Member Benefits
  • Resources for Travel, Online Tools for Your Travel Toolbox (Bring Your Own Device) – Deb Bakos

Registration begins at 9:30 am with a Continental Breakfast and a brief Welcome.

Lunch, Door Prizes, and an NEAMB ice cream social will follow the two Breakout Sessions.

NEA-R Delegate and OEA-R Advisory Council Elections

Mail-in ballots from the month of March were counted on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 for the OEA-Retired Advisory Council elections. Election results are as follows:

OEA-Retired Advisory Council – OEA Board of Directors Representative:
Term: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2019
Number of Ballots Cast: 2071 / Voided Ballots: 5 – voted for more than 1
        1255 Votes: Carol Kinsey – ELECTED
422 Votes: Kathleen Purdy
389 Votes: R. Joyce Skocic

OEA Retired Advisory Council – NEOEA Representative:
Term: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2019
Number of Ballots Cast: 705 / Voided Ballots: 2 – voted for more than 1
        459 Votes: Marsh Buckley – ELECTED
244 Votes: Donna Smoot-Walters

OEA-Retired Advisory Council – WOEA Representative:
Term: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2019
Number of Ballots Cast: 220 / Voided Ballot: 1 – voted for more than 1
61 Votes: Warlita S. Duvall
158 Votes: Phil A. Long – ELECTED

OEA-Retired Advisory Council Representatives – Elected by Acclamation
Term: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2019
Judy Buschle – SWOEA
Barbara Catalano, NEOEA – ESP Representative
Bonnie Harris, NEOEA – Higher Ed Representative
Rita Walters – EOEA (vacancy-term ending 8/31/18)

Mail-in ballots from the month of March were counted on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 for the OEA-R NEA RA Delegate election. Number of Ballots Cast:  2101 / Voided Ballots: 27 – voted for more than 8.   Election results are as follows:

The OEA-R Delegates to the 2016 NEA RA are (in order of votes): John Hoyes, Chair (by virtue of office); William A. Dorsey, NEOEA; Carol Kinsey, ECOEA; Donald L. Traxler, NWOEA; Homer O. Adams, NEOEA; Bill Sears, SWOEA; Marsh Buckley, NEOEA; Marilyn Allen, CAPITAL; and  Marti Huss, SWOEA.

The OEA-R Alternates to the 2016 NEA RA are (in order of votes): Kathleen Purdy, ECOEA; Christina Wall Swank, NCOEA; Jeff Corbin, CAPITAL; Donna Smoot-Walters, NEOEA; Willie A. Terrell, Jr., WOEA; Peg Ham, NEOEA; Beryl M. Burkle, NEOEA; Nancy Wonson, NEOEA; Judy Buschle, SWOEA; Joyce Hives, NEOEA; Mary Binegar, CENTRAL; Judy Novak, NCOEA; Lynnette R. Harris, NEOEA; Marti Franks, NEOEA; Jane A. Rahn, WOEA; Barbara Catalano, NEOEA; Paula J. Garfield, CAPITAL; Gail Gentile, NEOEA; R. Joyce Skocic, NCOEA; Sue Christian, CENTRAL; Claudia Miller, SWOEA; Wil Vickery, CENTRAL; Perry C. Brokaw, NCOEA; Susie Crawford, CENTRAL; Jim Wilhelm, SEOEA; Warlita S. Duvall, WOEA; Steve Lykins, SWOEA.

OEA-Retired Spring Conference

OEA-R will hold its 2016 OEA-Retired Spring Conference at the STRS Building 7th Floor on April 26, 2016, 9:30—3:00. Registration is $25 and due April 15. The schedule includes:

  • Continental Breakfast & Registration
  • Legislative Update—Dan Ramos, OEA
  • NEA Value Builder Program—Guy Kendall-Freas
  • Lunch
  • Columbus Museum of Art—Overview and Tour

All OEA-R members in are invited. Bring a friend! Download a Registration Form. Check the OEA-R Website.

OEA Convention Planning Committee

A opening exists for the OEA-Retired seat on the on the OEA Convention Planning Committee.

Names of persons interested in being considered for appointment to the position of OEA-R Representative to the OEA Convention Planning Committee are now being accepted. This is for a full three (3) year term beginning September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2019.

The duties of the OEA Convention Planning Committee are as follows:

  • Shall ensure the efficient operation of the OEA Representative Assemblies.
  • Subcommittees of this Committee are responsible for examining the credentials of all delegates;
  • recommending to the Assembly, for approval, the seating of all eligible delegates;
  • conducting the elections of the Representative Assembly;
  • proposing the Standing Rules of the Representative Assembly;
  • taking calls from delegates at the microphones and writing up questions, motions, or points of personal privilege for the parliamentarian and OEA President.

The Convention Planning Representative is required to attend a meeting the night before both the Fall and Spring RAs with the hotel room being paid for by OEA.  Meals and mileage are reimbursable based on OEA criteria in place at the time of the meeting.  There could be a rare phone conference call between meetings if needed.

Please submit your name to the OEA-R Chair John Hoyes with a copy to the Vice Chair Carol Kinsey at no later than May 1, 2016 indicating you wish to be considered for the appointment to this position. Please include a brief statement listing your qualifications and reason for wanting to serve OEA-R in this position.  Final approval of a recommendation from OEA-R must be approved by the OEA Board of Directors.

Join OEA Retired and NEA Retired

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