OEA-Retired Advisory Council and NEA-Retired Delegate Elections

The OEA-Retired election for Spring 2019 is being conducted by Election America.  Online voting opens on March 1, 2019, and closes on March 30, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. (eastern).

Election notices will be mailed (and emailed, if on file) to OEA-Retired members with an individual Election Code and Voting PIN (you will need these to vote).  For technical assistance with the voting process or to request a paper ballot, please contact Election-America at Help+OEAR@election-america.com or call (877) 466-7875.  The deadline to request a paper ballot is March 14, 2019.  For questions regarding your membership or election guidelines, please contact William Baird at bairdw@ohea.org.

The Ohio NEA-R delegation consists of nine delegate seats, the Chair, Bill Sears, is a delegate by virtue of office.  There are 27 candidates running for the remaining 8 seats.  nine candidates are from NEOEA; one from Capital; three from Central; two from ECOEA; one from EOEA; five from NCOEA; one from NWOEA; two from SWOEA; and three from WOEA.

The candidates for NEA-R Delegate from NEOEA are (as they appear on the ballot):  William Dorsey;  Jene Wilson;  Donna Smoot Walters;  Homer O. Adams;  Joyce Hives;  Steven Mitchell;  Barbara Catalano;  Martha Franks;  and  Peg Ham.

Three candidates are running for the NEOEA Representative position on the OEA-R Advisory Council:  Marsh Buckley, Willowick;  Donna Smoot Walters, Copley;  and  Diallas York, Lorain.

Download the candidate biographical information:

It is not necessary to conduct an election for the following OEA-Retired Advisory Council positions as they were all elected by acclamation:

  • OEA Board of Directors — Carol Kinsey (ECOEA)
  • ESP — Barbara Catalano (NEOEA)
  • SWOEA — Judy Buschle
  • WOEA — Phil Long
  • Higher ED — No Candidates, now vacant

Click Here to Vote!  https://vote.election-america.com/oear/