Ohio NEA-R Delegate and OEA-R Advisory Election Results

The Ohio NEA-R delegation consists of nine delegate seats; the Chair is a delegate by virtue of office. There were 27 candidates running for the remaining 8 seats: nine candidates are from NEOEA; five from NCOEA; three from Central; three from WOEA; two from ECOEA; two from SWOEA; one from Capital; one from EOEA; and one from NWOEA. There were a total of 901 votes cast. There were 100 paper ballot request – only 2 were returned.

By Virtue of Office, Sears, Bill (SWOEA); Dorsey, William (NEOEA); Adams, Homer O. (NEOEA); Traxler, Donald (NWOEA); Long, Phil (WOEA); Binegar, Mary (CENTRAL); Kinsey, Carol (ECOEA); Terrell, Willie (WOEA); Franks, Marti (NEOEA); .

Hudson, Deloris Rome (SWOEA); Ham, Peg (NEOEA); Walters, Donna Smoot (NEOEA); Catalano, Barbara (NEOEA); Buschle, Judith (SWOEA); Mitchell, Steven (NEOEA); Purdy, Kathleen (ECOEA); Corbin, Jeff (CAPITAL); Alcock, Barry (CENTRAL); Rahn, Jane (WOEA); Hives, Joyce (NEOEA); Vickery, Wil (CENTRAL); Mayer, Becky (NCOEA); Swank, O. Christina Wall (NCOEA); Hoyes, John (EOEA); Novak, Judy Richey (NCOEA); Adams, Tina (NCOEA); and Skocic, R. Joyce (NCOEA).

OEA-R Advisory Council NEOEA Representative
(Term: September 1, 2018 – July 14, 2021):

  • Donna Smoot Walters – 136 –  elected
  • Marsh Buckley –             109
  • Diallas York –                    41