OEA Standing Committee Vacancies

OEA Retired appoints retired members to serve on the OEA Standing Committees.

Two vacancies now exist.  Names of persons interested in being considered for appointment to the position of OEA-R Representative to the following committees are now being accepted.:

  • Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy Committee. This a three (3) year term which begins September 1, 2018 through July 14, 2021.
    • The Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the OEA Board of Directors and other appropriate entities, the creation of OEA strategies that ensure the planning, implementation and assessment of a collective bargaining, contract enforcement and member protection and advocacy program that meets the needs of local affiliates.
  • Organizing Strategy Committee.  This a three (3) year term which begins September 1, 2018 through July 14, 2021.
    • The Organizing Strategy Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the OEA Board of Directors and other appropriate entities, the creation of OEA strategies that ensure the planning, implementation and regular assessment of an internal and external organizing program that meets the needs of local affiliates and supports their development.

Please submit your name to the OEA-R Chair John Hoyes jhoyes@columbus.rr.com with a copy to the Vice Chair Bill Sears at wsears1109@aol.com no later than midnight Friday, May 4, 2018 indicating you wish to be considered for the appointment to this position.  Please include a brief statement listing your qualifications and reason for wanting to serve OEA-R in this position.  Final approval of a recommendation from OEA-R must be approved by the OEA Board of Directors.

Committee members are expected to attend all meetings, stay until the end, and fully participate.  The duties of OEA-R Representatives to OEA Committees are:

  1. Serve as the OEA-R Representative to the OEA Committee;
  2. Attend all meetings of the OEA committee and shall represent the interests of the OEA-R; and,
  3. Submit written reports to the Advisory Council Secretary in a timely manner.

This committees meets two (2) times per fiscal year.

Ohio Issue 2 – OEA Report

The Ohio Issue 2 – Drug Price Relief Act (2017) has been gaining a lot of attention.

OEA has not taken a position on this initiative; however, OEA Governmental Services has prepared a report to educate members on the issues involved.

Download the Ohio Issue 2 – OEA Report.

At the OEA Retired Fall Conference on September 14, 2017, STRS representatives reported that they, too, were studying the affects of the initiative on STRS Health Care programs.  Expect a decision from STRS soon.

POP5 – Protect Our Pensions – OEA Report

Many members have again received a solicitation from an organization called Protect Our Pensions, also known as POP5.  OEA and OEA Retired want you to know that  while there does not appear to be any inherent conflict between the stated goals of POP5 and OEA, it is important to note that there is nothing that POP5 is seeking to accomplish that OEA and our allies are not already working on.

Download the POP5 – OEA Report.

Protect and Preserve Medicare and Social Security

Join Us Thursday, August 3, 2017
Trinity Cathedral
2230 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
9:00am -11:00am

Invited guest include;
Senator Sherrod Brown—Senator Rob Portman
Representative Marcia Fudge—Representative David Joyce
Representative Marcy Kaptur—Representative Jim Renacci
Faith Based, Healthcare Professionals, President of Ohio ARA and AARP State Representatives

Sponsor – Senior Voice!
Co-Sponsors – AARP; Alliance for Retired Americans; Pam Rosado

It’s your money and your benefits. You earned it!
Learn how the American Healthcare Act will change your healthcare.
This is your opportunity to let your congressional representatives know that Medicare and Social Security are important to you.

Now is the time for us to SPEAK UP !
Questions: Call Wynne 216-881-7200 or 965-5928

Download the 2017 Forum Flyer.

Protect Ohio Workers Rights

Fight So-Called Right to Work.

For more information on So-Called Right to Work visit the ‘Right to Work’ is Wrong page on the OEA website.

So-Called Right to Work isn’t what it seems.  It’s wrong for all workers and for the Middle Class.

Don’t let corporate interests fool you with the deceptive misnomer “right to work.”  They’re hoping you never realize So-Called Right to Work means less freedom for workers, not more.  So-Called Right to Work also threatens the safety of our working conditions by stifling workers’ freedom to point out potential safety issues on the job.  Once again, greedy people are trying to tip the balance even more in their favor at the expense of the middle class and Ohio’s working families.  We need to Protect Ohio Workers’ Rights.

OEA Candidate Training Academy

Electing OEA members to public office.

Tired of politicians not getting it and letting you down?  Wishing for a school board that respected and stood up for educators?  Wondering who the next inspiring, pro-public education candidate will be?

The next great candidates may be closer than you think.  They could be teaching next to you, sitting near you or even be you.  Educators are some of the most respected members of the community, and many are highly qualified to hold public office.

OLA is committed to helping our members, of both parties, run for and win the elected positions that create the public policy that so greatly affects us.

If you’ve ever considered running for public office, know a person who should, or want to be able to help good people get elected, then this training academy is for you.

Sign up now to reserve your seat at our next Candidate Training Academy.  Friday evening through Sunday afternoon January 11-13, 2013.  OEA Headquarters, 225 E. Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215.

Download the OEA Candidate Training Academy Flyer.