OEA – Fund for Children and Public Education

The OEA Fund for Children and Public Education (OEA-FCPE) is the political action committee of the Ohio Education Association. Voluntary contributions support candidates that support the Association’s educational policy agenda.  Members may contribute on the Donate FCPE  page on the OEA website.  To contribute to OEA-FCPE with a credit card, go to the OEA website and click on the purple “Donate” box on the upper right corner.

This powerful FCPE video developed by Kevin Griffin of the Dublin EA explains the importance of contributing: http://youtu.be/11XQDykgboo

The OEA-FCPE State Council works to implement OEA policies for the improvement of education in the State of Ohio by (1.) screening and endorsing candidates who are favorable to OEA legislative policies, (2.) collecting and dispersing funds for support of OEA-FCPE endorsed candidates, and (3.) establishing and maintaining communications with elected officials.

OEA-FCPE State House District Core Group Committees are made up of representatives from each local association whose school district serves residents of that House District. Each Committee screens candidates for its State House District Representative based only on questions related to OEA’s education policy agenda.

A new opportunity for continued involvement by OEA-Retired members was created at the May 19, 2012 OEA-FCPE Delegate Convention.  The OEA-FCPE Constitution and Bylaws were amended to include a Retired and Student seat on each OEA-FCPE House District Committee.

The committees are newly organized during November/December of an odd numbered year and begin training for the Ohio House District Candidate Screening process which occurs in the spring.

If you wish to be considered for appointment to an OEA-FCPE House District Committee in your area, please contact the NEOEA office with your request.  You must be an OEA-R member and an FCPE contributor living in or near the House District to be appointed

Members of the House District Core Groups are expected to maintain communications with elected officials and attend local Senate District Receptions and OEA Lobby Days in Columbus.

NEOEA-R members appointed to OEA-FCPE House District Committees are listed in our OEA-FCPE NEOEA-R page.