NEOEA-R Sub-Committees

The NEOEA-Retired Organizing Committee established a Sub-Committee structure in an effort to involve  more NEOEA Retired members and build a strong organization of NEOEA Retirees.  Any NEOEA-R member who is also a member of OEA-R and NEA-R is eligible to serve.

The NEOEA-Retired Sub-Committees are:

  • Involvement and Outreach – active with the OEA/NEA Read Across America program reading to children at schools and libraries and the OEA-Retired Intergenerational Mentoring Program pairing retired members with OSEA education students at local colleges. 
  • Conference – plan and conduct the NEOEA-R Spring Conference and workshops at the NEOEA MegaConference and the NEOEA Summer Leadership Conference.
  • Political Action – candidate screenings and campaign work for the 2014 election.  House District committees will form late this fall and begin training.  An amendment to the OEA-FCPE C&B now provides a Retired seat on each House District Committee.  Retirees must live in the House District they apply for or in an adjacent HD and be an OEA-FCPE contributor and OEA-R member.
  • Retirement Issues – attends STRS, SERS, & PERS Retirement Board meetings and monitors their actions.  
  • Membership – promotes OEA-R/NEA-R membership.  Volunteers are needed to contact/visit local associations in their area and offer to explain the Pre-Retired program to active members.  The committee works to establish contact with local Retiree groups throughout NEOEA.
  • Intra-Professional Action – an ad hoc committee to screen and endorse candidates for the OEA-Retired Advisory Council.
  • Communications/Editorial Board – composed of the NEOEA-Retired Organizing Committee officers and the Newsletter/Web editor.
  • Delegate Caucus – composed of elected OEA-R Delegates and Alternates, including NEA-R Delegates.


Current members of the Retired Organizing Committee and those retirees serving on other NEOEA Committees form the core of the sub-committees, however any NEOEA-R/OEA-R/NEA-R member can serve.

The time commitment is minimal.  Much of the sub-committees’ work will be done online through email and postings on this website.

Your knowledge and Association experience are needed as we build a stronger NEOEA-R.  Please consider volunteering to serve on one or more of the new sub-committees.  We will attempt to accommodate all requests.

NEOEA-Retired Sub-Committee Volunteer Form

Please indicate your preferance and if you would serve as chairperson. If you have any questions or comments please submit with the text box below. We will get back to you soon.
  • Only OEA-R members may serve on sub-Committees. (You can find your Membership Number above your address on your copy of "Ohio Schools".)