OEA-Retired Guidelines

The OEA Constitution and Bylaws establishes the Division of OEA Retired.

The OEA-R Guidelines further delineate the operation of OEA-R and are reviewed by the OEA Constitution and Bylaws Committee and approved by the OEA Board of Directors as a part of the OEA Board of Directors Policies.

Past versions of OEA-R Guidelines*:

* Notes:

  • During 2015, proposals were discussed the the OEA-R Delegate Caucus to establish the OEA-R Delegate Assembly to replace the Caucus.
  • In May 2014 the OEA C&B Committee recommended and the OEA Board of Directors approved removing the prior service requirement for OEA-R officers in VII-A and VII-H and changing all references to “President”, “Vice President”, and “Immediate Past-President” to “Chair”, “Vice-Chair”, and “Immediate Past Chair”.